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Grassroots Recreational Program (GRP) – Indoor (Fall/Winter/Spring)
The training curriculum for the Saltfleet Stoney Creek Soccer Club GRP program is aligned with the OSA goals of Grassroots Soccer and the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model following the Four Corner Development Model. 

The Grassroots philosophy is based on providing the appropriate soccer skills and development training that aligns with a players cognitive and physical stages of development. Watch the OSA LTPD Grassroots Video >

The Long Term Player Development philosophy is based on a four corner development model. Traditionally, soccer clubs/coaches have focused on the Technical & Physical areas of the sport. We are now moving to a more holistic approach that includes the Social/Emotional and Psychological aspects of development.

GRP Overview

Available for: Boys/Girls, Ages 3-15
Skill Level: Recreational, Fundamentals, Skills Development
Schedule: Fall, Winter & Spring (3 Modules)
Type: Indoor Training on Turf Fields

The Saltfleet Stoney Creek Soccer Club GRP program offers development training that engages players to learn the fundamentals of the game in a FUN but structured environment.  The program is overseen by the Club Technical Director and Head Coach and led by our qualified coaching staff and trainers. 

GRP Structure

Players can register individually or as a combined package.

For each module, there will be a themed “skills/topic” every week that will be focused on.  Players will gain knowledge of game strategy and rules including playing various positions (forwards, defense, strikers, goal keeper). Respect in soccer and sportsmanship are also reinforced.

Module 1 training session is 10 weeks in length and focuses on basic/advanced soccer skills development.
Module 2 training session is 8 weeks in length and focuses on basic/advanced soccer skills development.
Module 3 training session is 8 weeks in length and focuses on basic/advanced soccer skills development and small-sided games to put the skills development into practice.

View the GRP Module Training Structure

1 GRP - Body Movement U13.pdf                                    13 GRP - Shielding Turning.pdf                                                                                 

2 GRP - Body Movement.pdf                                           14 GRP - Shooting Finishing 2.pdf                    

3 GRP - Defending U13.pdf                                             15 GRP - Shooting Finishing U13 - 2.pdf      

4 GRP - Defending.pdf                                                     16 GRP - Shooting Finishing U13.pdf

5 GRP - Passing 2.pdf                                                     17 GRP - Shooting Finishing.pdf

6 GRP - Passing U13 -2.pdf                                            18 GRP 1 V 1 Attacking.pdf

7 GRP - Passing U13.pdf                                                19 GRP Aerial Control.pdf

8 GRP - Passing.pdf                                                        20 GRP Attacking U13 _2.pdf

9 GRP - Shielding Turning 2.pdf                                      21 GRP Attacking.pdf

10 GRP - Shielding Turning U13 - 2.pdf                          22 GRP Ball mastery U13.pdf

11 GRP - Shielding Turning U13- 3.pdf                           23 GRP Ball mastery.pdf

12 GRP - Shielding Turning U13.pdf                               24 GRP Shielding Turning 3.pdf

The objective of the GRP program is to provide the fundamental, age appropriate skills and knowledge about the game of soccer that gives players a pathway to continually increase their skills and allow them to advance to higher levels such as our Talented Pathway Program (TPP) or Rep Competitive Teams.

Player identification is an ongoing process at SSC. Players who show signs of potential skills to play at these higher levels may be invited to join these programs (Invitations would come from our Technical Director or Club Head Coach).

Module 2:

Length:    10 Weeks - Tuesday Evenings
Dates:      October 18 to December 20, 2016
Location:  Players Paradise
1 hour sessions focusing on Skills Development

Module 2:

Length:     8 Weeks - Tuesday Evenings
Dates:      January 10 to February 28, 2017
Location:  Players Paradise
1 hour sessions focusing on Skills Development

Module 3:

Length:     8 Weeks - Tuesday Evenings
Dates:      March 21  to May 9, 2017
Location:  Players Paradise
1 hour sessions focusing on Skills Development and Small Sided Games

GRP Schedule

Runs Tuesday evenings at Players Paradise Sports Complex - Turf Fields

U3 - U8  Boys/Girls (Birth Years: 2009 to 2014) from 6pm-7pm
U9 - U12 Boys/Girls (Birth Years: 2005 to 2008) from 7pm-8pm
U13 - U15 Boys/Girls (Birth Years: 2002 to 2004) from 8pm-9pm

GRP Fees

Modules Purchased Individually - $160 (Includes HST)
3 Module Package - $430 (Includes HST)
*Fees Include a GRP Training T-Shirt. 1 per player per session.

How to Register

Online through our SSC Member Zone

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