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The Saltfleet Stoney Creek Club has been proud partner of Global Image Sports since 2014, which provides a valid affiliation to a European Premier League Football Academy – Chievo Verona International Academy.  The goal of this partnership is to provide inspiration to our competitive level players and coaches and offer a new pathway for international training and development opportunities.

The ID Camp is overseen by senior-level coaches of the ChievoVerona International Academy and will consist of 3 days of skills, drills and scrimmages where players will be evaluated.  Players who excel at the ID camp will be identified and invited to attend one of the 2 National Camps that will be held in August 2016 in Arizona and Pennsylvania USA.  Those who are identified at one of the 2 National Camps will then have the opportunity to attend the 2016 Chievo Verona International Academy Residential Camp in Verona Italy. 

This amazing experience allows SSC players and coaches with the opportunity to tour/travel overseas with direct access to the academy training, resources and meeting members of the professional team.

2016 ID Camp News & Success

Our 2016 Elite Player ID Camp that was held in July was a success! The camp was hosted by two of ChievoVerona's top Academy coaches who put our SSC players plus members from outside clubs through intense training sessions over 3 days.

We are pleased to announce the Saltfleet Stoney Creek players who have been selected to attend the Chievo National Camp in Pittsburgh in August.

Christopher Simrak U08
Sukmi Tank U10
Julian Salvati U10
Kyle Giovannini U10
Cristiano Colamartini U11
Ryan Giovannini U12
Adam Vecchioni U12
Lucas Dowling U12
Tomas Jimenez U12
Felipe Jimenez U12
Leo Kantartzis U12
Matteo Manzella U12
Eric Stanislawczyk U16
Michael Troiani U17
Kieran Davoren U17

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