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TPP Teams and Coaches

The Saltfleet Stoney Creek Club is pleased to announce the coaching staff that has been selected for the TPP Academy Program – Boys/Girls ages U8-U12 for the 2017 Season.

To contact our TPP coaches, please email Christian Giovannini - Technical Director.



TPP 2017 Girls Teams & Coaches
TPP 2017 Boys Teams & Coaches
U8 Girls – Anthony Santaguida
     Jerry Cipriani

U8 Boys – Mike Woodbyrne 
            Jason Almeida

U9 Girls – Dave Ferro 
U9 Boys – Rob Angelini 
U9 Boys – Mike Naccarato
U10 Girls – Bobby Martines 
U10 Boys – Gabe Caterini
                     Serg Cino        
               John Sozio
                 Frank Sozio
                Sean Grant

U11 Girls – Jerry Cipriani 
                             Anthony Santaguida

U11 Boys – Bally Tank 

U12 Girls – Tania Carvalho
U12 Boys – Rocco Colamartini 
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